How to Make your WordPress Website Faster: 9 Quick Wins

Jump Start Your YouTube Success

Video marketing and YouTube are still powerful for SEO and increasing site visitors. Video marketing is not hard to learn; so you need that knowledge in addition to creating good video content.

What to Shoot? The Perpetual Peril of Online Video

More and more companies are recognising the importance of having some form of video content on their website these days, but when it comes to deciding what to shoot the decision that is made can often be fatal to the video campaign. 48 hours worth of video is being uploaded onto YouTube every minute. Now that’s a lot of eyeballs out there spending their time watching these videos, some of which have higher degrees of success and are watched more than others.

How to Create a Video for Website Marketing for Your Business

Video marketing is one of the most powerful sources for getting traffic and back-links to your website. Yet most people do not know where to begin in this matter. This article is meant to help you in your efforts to brand awareness of your business. There are simple guidelines reviewed here and it will all be entirely up to you to put into play and implement the best method.

Everything You Need To Know About Driving Traffic From YouTube

For those who have not tried video marketing before, it does not have to be difficult. Here are a few YouTube specific tips that will help you get more out of your video marketing.

Creating Viral Videos for Small Businesses

Producing a viral video that sells will not be complicated if you use enough time to strategically prepare. Knowing your audience will be more than half the fight so you can make certain that the effect of the video is maximized for your audience. Now go forth and get viral!

Can You Make Money On YouTube?

For most people, YouTube is simply a video hosting website that provides hours upon hours of entertainment; it’s good regardless of whether you are looking to simply waste your time or learn something specific. However, what most people don’t realize is that YouTube is far more than just an entertainment and education center you can also make money on YouTube.

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