How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search SEO

An Overview of the Elements of Web Video Production

Web videos are an effective and creative way to sell your products and promote your business to the millions and millions of people who use the internet. Featuring videos on your website as well as on YouTube and other video sharing sites can really advance the scope of your business. Sell your products quickly and generate interest in your website and products by enlisting the assistance of a quality web video production service.

Electronic Video Promotion and Advertising to Rise in 12 Months

ONLINE Casale Media Inc., a media business, has lately published an analysis finding that reveals organizations and marketers will grow digital video ads through investment by as much as 25% in the next year. This can be interpreted to be about 23.9% of complete ad costs of free enterprise in the vivid world of the internet. “Digital Video Ads: Removing Barriers,” is the example that is used. It was founded on a study led by the analysis organization Advertiser Perceptions this previous October specifically for Casale Media Inc.

The Best Way To Set Up A YouTube Video For Google

A video is over 50 times more likely to appear at the top of page one of Google for any particular keyword phrase than a website, and that’s a fact. Why is that? Well, partly because video is given more relevance than text, partly because YouTube is a part of Google (even though videos from other platforms do rank), and partly because of the way in which the Google search calculations treat video content. Of course, the videos need to be set up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but first let’s take a look at Google’s approach to videos in their search results.

What Is Stopping You From Making Your Marketing Videos? Well Fear Not, There Is A Solution

Video marketing is considered the be number one marketing strategy in generating free leads for your business on the internet today.There are a number of video promoting sites like Vimeo or Traffic Geyser but the number one site is YouTube and best all it’s FREE.

What You Need to Know About Video in 2012

Are you wondering about using video in your marketing efforts? Here’s what you need to know about video in 2012 and how it can benefit your business.

So You Want To Make A Corporate Video

Why do you need a video? What do you want it to achieve? What problem is it trying to solve? Will the audience need to see it (like an induction or training video) or must it grab their attention and keep them watching? How long should it be?

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