How to Outrank a Large Corporate When You Don’t Have the Budget or Manpower

Camtasia Review and Tutorial – Why You Should Use Camtasia

Camtasia Studio is probably one of the most popular if not the most populist piece of video editing and marketing software there is out on the market right now. It is used by top online marketers and niche industry leaders use to create their presence on the web, so what does this mean to you and why should you listen to me? Here’s why.

How to Add a Custom Background to Your YouTube Channel

Are you ready to spruce up your YouTube channel and make it personal? You can add a background of your choice and make your channel stand out. If you are using it for a business I highly recommend having a nice, unique background.

You Can Now List A Business Video on The Yell UK Website Free of Charge

In the US the directory most used across the states on the Internet is Yellowbook. And for some time now they have offered businesses that list with them, the opportunity to add a business video. In mid 2009 Yell in the UK stated they were launching a video section on their website. Originally they were offering to produce a business video for any local company. Or a business could upload their own and there would be a hosting charge. It seems at present Yell is not going to charge.

How to Get Lots of Views on YouTube

If you’ve recently loaded some videos up onto YouTube, you are probably wondering how you can drive more traffic to get more views of your videos. Whether you are using your videos to promote a website, product or service, or if you’re just putting them up for fun, this article presents methods that may help you increase the amount of visitors who see your videos.

Earning Money With YouTube

YouTube is the third most visited website worldwide, only behind Google and Facebook. This huge site gives individuals the opportunity to watch and upload videos free of charge and if your videos are watched by a certain number of individuals you can also get paid by YouTube and earn money.

How to Optimize Videos For YouTube

So you have started your video marketing strategy. Good for you, you are among a small amount of people online that are actually using Video as a marketing tool for their business.

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