How to Rank a New Website (PERFECT for Small or Local Businesses)

Best Microphones for Video

When you are shooting a video, the audio production will be just as important as the shots you put on tape. If you are conducting interviews on the street, background noise is not going to be a major issue.

Video Content Marketing: Make Your Presence Known

Video content marketing is one thing that is by no means going to go away. Did you realize that 80% of the people from the United States of America that uses the internet views a minimum of one internet video per month? That translates to 2 billion video views each day.

Creative Web Marketing Problem Solving

Marketing is psychological persuasion; and the easiest way to advance your marketing agenda is to tap into your audience’s hardwired reptilian survival instincts. That said; many of these instincts have been buried under layers of training, indoctrination, and specialization, much of which gets lost under the rubble of everyday life but that nonetheless forms preference, prejudice, and opinion. Memory is not eidetic, that is, memories are not photographic but rather malleable amorphous puddles of information that take the shape of continuous value-added experience. The job of marketing is to shape understanding by first creating episodic experience followed by deeper semantic meaning (conceptual understanding without reference to the original set of experiences). That is what all advertising, social media, and communication needs to do.

Different Types of Online Video Ads

Find out the different types of online video ads that are currently trending in digital advertising. Solutions for advertisers include linear in-video ads that roll before, within, or after the main content.

Video Marketing: Making Your First Video

Video Marketing is still a relatively new concept, there are still many people that are not certain “how” to go about making a great video. First, you will need the proper supplies.

Reasons Why Online Video Marketing Works

Find out the four reasons for using online video marketing in promoting a product or service to a specific audience with a wider range of platforms and devices. Choosing which method to use with online video ads depends on the advertising goal to reach.

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