How to Set Up a Facebook Group for Business 👍 Pro-Tips & Secrets

The Importance of Business Video Production

Business video production makes it easy to distribute important and insightful information about a company or product to a massive audience. The problem with articles is that they are difficult to convey any real emotion that a brand wants to show to its customers, but with a video it’s a lot simpler. The best video SEO strategies to use can vary depending on what the genre or topic the video is about, but there is no doubt that videos are just as effective as articles when it comes to getting exposure and recognition with search engines and web traffic.

Going Viral and Internet Video Production

For many internet video “producers,” the ultimate goal is going viral. Think the Harlem Shake, Numa Numa or even the Star Wars Kid. Summed up, a viral video is an internet phenomenon that has been widely shared usually through social media and email.

10 Reasons Why I Am Afraid To Learn How To Market Online

We look at 10 reasons why I am afraid to learn how to market online. Fear and anxiety are deadly if you let it seep into your thinking. If you want to make money on the Internet, it would be wise to focus on one strategy and stick with it. The other important consideration is seeking out help. You will be limited if you don’t get help for things you will never understand.

3 Tips for Writing a Corporate Video Script

Just like actors taking on widely different roles to stretch their thespian muscles, writers need to write in different genres to hone their craft. Writing a script for a corporate video is a good way for writers to gain both breadth and depth for their writing.

How to Use Video Marketing Attract More Visitors

Video marketing is all about utilizing the power of videos to deliver your marketing message to your target market. In this post we are going to show you a few successful tips that will help you to use video marketing to its fullest potential.

How to Make The Most of Your YouTube Presence

YouTube is a fantastic platform through which to market your videos, but are you making the most of it? This article looks at how you can boost your exposure.

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