How to Write Facebook Ads That Convert Like CRAZY

Effectiveness of Web Video

In an age when the consumer has thousands of options available to them a mere click away, is the traditional website with pages and pages of text obsolete? Embedded video that is instantly eye catching, descriptive, informative and personal is a far more effective selling tool than a protracted written approach.

Create Videos To Deliver A Marketing Message That Is Punchy and Polished

Videos are a great way to promote your business. Cameras today are very affordable as is editing software. A YouTube channel takes just minutes to set up. Throw in a variety of interesting backgrounds and a little stage presence, and you’ve got the makings of an impressive, and more importantly, effective message delivery platform. To accomplish your marketing goals, here are seven simple tips to make dynamite videos.

Why Animation Is So Popular

Animation in video production has changed the way we view things. Remember those black and white movies? They were boring, weren’t they?

Online Videos Are Important to Your Business

There are numerous reasons to use online videos in your business. Besides the obvious reason that everyone else is doing it, you have to find the answer to why it is important for you to have an online video.

Video Production Tips for Beginners

Video marketing has gone viral among online businesses and this is for obvious reasons. As most pieces of information found online are text in nature, watching videos is absolutely a fine development. Apart from sparing you from reading lengthy articles, it can also get the message across a lot more efficiently. If you have never tried creating web videos before, then this article is for you. Here you will learn about some video production tips that can help you with your first film for marketing on the web.

Online Video Marketing – 3 Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to online video marketing, you have to make sure you do things right. Millions of people think they know what they are doing, but it’s evident that they are not pushing the boundaries or firing on the correct cylinders.

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