I Spent $500,000 in TV Ads to Promote My Ad Agency… This is what happened

Videos, Scoop, Gurus and Tricksters

The article discusses the value of the plethora of internet marketing videos. It warns unsuspecting newcomers to be careful with what they are presented.

Video Traffic Tips – Top 7 Reasons to Maximize Your YouTube Video Traffic Now (Leads and Profits)

Do you know the top 7 reasons to get the most out of your YouTube Video Traffic? The reasons and the strategies are inside this article.

Why Video Marketing Has To Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Video is now responsible for more searches online than any other format. It is imperative that you add video marketing to your arsenal of online tools, but there are a few essential keys you need to be aware of before starting any video promotion campaign.

10 Ways to Make You Promotional Video Work Harder

So you’ve got an idea, a script and are weighing up your options for casting and crew. But will your video turn out to be a triumph or a damp squib? Here are a few thoughts to consider before you commit your budget

Taking Advantage Of The YouTube Partner Program

Among the emerging ways to do online marketing is blogging. This is however not limited to text and article writing. Video blogging via the YouTube Partner, is as effective and is fast catching up. YouTube is one of the most popular video blogging sites on the internet and its new program is now becoming very popular.

Online Video Marketing: The Smart Way

Online videos are a simple, cost effective way to promote your affiliate marketing business, gain the attention of Internet search engines, and sign up new customers. Video-sharing sites like YouTube also make it easy for you to upload your videos and link them to your company site, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, and other websites.

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