If I Started a YouTube Channel in 2022…

Social Media Marketing: Boosting Traffic With Facebook Videos

Venture Beat News reports that the battle for supremacy in video marketing is between YouTube and Facebook. These online giants are expected to square off for domination, and though YouTube currently holds the title, statistics suggest that Facebook is a worthy contender, and is expected to mount a serious challenge in the coming years.

Pay-To-Skip Ads YouTube Offer

It may be bad news for marketers that YouTube is developing a service offering access to all their videos without the ads appearing. For users? That’s right, no more YouTube ads, you’ll need to pay for it though. They call it the ‘pay-to-skip’ service.

The Importance of Animated Explainer Videos in Business

As the name implies, animated explainer videos are compiled audio and visual illustrations which can be used for demonstrating a problem and its solution, presenting flow of a process or helping understand complex data to the customers. Explainer videos have exploded the market with their popularity due to their easy affordability and high effectiveness in mounting a business. Their main aim is to educate the customers about the business and extend the brand name deeper into the intended market.

Are You Making Use of Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

When it comes to marketing your business online, you want to ensure that you incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) into all your marketing efforts, this includes blogs, articles, press releases, social media and video. Video is a fantastic opportunity to drive traffic to your website and if you are not making use of this tool, then this is definitely something to incorporate into your marketing campaign to ensure you achieve the best results moving forward.

How to Make Your Websites VIDEO WEBSITES

You know it, I know it… EVERYBODY knows it: EVERYTHING content-wise online is moving to video (on hand-held devices). People are discovering new music more on YouTube than anywhere else. They are getting their news and all other information via video, more and more and more.

Why Are Videos Becoming Indispensable Tools For Online Marketing?

Brands and businesses that ignore the power of online video for their marketing strategies are doing so at their own risk. In fact, Nielsen sees that over 64 percent of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing strategies in the near future. This only shows that most businesses are already seeing the importance of online video as a means to provide people with information and entertainment.

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