If I Were Starting A YouTube Channel Today

Posting Your Marketing Videos On Sites Other Than YouTube

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing and blanketing the internet with syndicated content is the name of the game in how to get your business’ website to the top of Google. Although print content has been the top of the food chain in “online ocean” up until 2008, video has fast become the most popular modality of marketing in the “new age.” 2008 marks the year YouTube was acquired by Google for 1.65 BILLION. Since then, YouTube has fast become the online video submission powerhouse, but more unique choices and niche video marketing sites are climbing closer to the top everyday. So where should you be posting your marketing videos other than YouTube you ask?

How to Start Making an Income Using YouTube Videos

Do not think you will upload a video and have it become one of the most viewed YouTube videos. It can happen that way but it is not common. Most videos that have large viewership also are part of a group on a channel and that channel has lots of videos uploaded consistently thereby creating a following.

How Video Production Can Bring Visitors To Your Site And Increase Conversions

With more and more Internet users using video to discover their favourite products and services everyday, including video onto your website is becoming more than important — it’s becoming essential. Find out how a video production on your website can bring you more customers and increase your conversion rates.

How Can YouTube Marketing Help In Promoting Your Products?

We all know that YouTube is a popular video sharing website on which users can upload as many videos as they can broadcast to anyone and everyone who is on the website, but do you know that you can indeed harness the power of YouTube in promoting your products and increasing your sales online? As we all know YouTube is a website where people from different parts of the world come together to share videos, as well as to view, rate and comment on the videos. Nowadays, most people spend their spare time on YouTube and the website registers…

The Very Best Tips to Promoting Your Business Video on YouTube

Embed your video on your website, blog or forum. Community forums can be particularly useful if yours is a local brick and mortar business and you are looking for high local search results.

Video Marketing – 5 Easy Tips to Get Started With Internet Video Production

See how easy it is to get up and running fast with video marketing. Find out the benefits of adding videos to your online business and make sure you keep one step ahead of your competitors.

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