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Viral Video Marketing Gets Your Business to the Next Level

Viral video marketing is a great way to get your business to the next level. Even though it is hard to predit which video will go viral, here are a few tips to help you create a marketing video that will be effective and viral ready.

Checklist Training to Be Successful at Marketing With Video

Marketing with video can be intimidating when trying to do it for the first time. Follow this checklist to overcome your fear and successfully market using videos.

10 Rules to Avoid the YouTube “Slap”!

You’ve heard of the “Google slap” where accounts are banned with no warning, sometimes for life. Well YouTube and even Twitter have followed suit far more aggressively recently.

The Viral Distribution Network

The viral statistical distribution network and the “seeding” of the video/app/image is possibly the most difficult elements to control and deliver. There are a few different methods to get a number of objectives and achievements on all campaigns.

Why the Kodakzi8 and Using an External Mic Makes Better Quality Online Videos

Have you ever been watching a video and so interested in the material but could not focus because the quality was so poor? This is so frustrating! I have a solution. I have a fool proof method to shoot, record, and upload excellent video and audio for your websites!

A Beginner’s Kit to Marketing With Video

Marketing with video has been around for many years now. Lately, bigger numbers of persons have made a move to utilize this approach.

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