Instagram Hashtag Strategy to Grow Your Business: Ultimate Guide for Explosive Growth

How to Create an Online Video That Engages Viewers

As a business owner looking to increase sales, you can use engaging videos to convert viewers to buyers. Social websites like YouTube and Facebook have the potential to take your video to the masses, but only if you follow these tips to create engaging and enthralling content.

The 7 C’s of Video Marketing

There used to be a time not so long ago that video marketing was beyond the reach of many small and medium sized businesses. Equipment was expensive, not to mention the costly time spent editing the raw footage to get something that looked professional. With the staggering growth of YouTube combined with smartphone ownership here in the UK at well over 50%, video is now a daily part of our lives.

Creating Valuable YouTube Backlinks

If utilized appropriately, YouTube backlinks can be incredibly valuable for SEO purposes. SEO, or search engine optimization, consists of various strategies used to rank highly in specific Google search queries. Ranking highly in searches such as these can mean the world to a website, blog, or business.

Video Marketing Boosts Conversion Rates by 50%

Why video marketing is becoming widely used by businesses and charitable organisations. Video filming is said to have boosted conversion rates by 50% in some cases and need not be expensive to be successful.

Video Marketing – You Need To Create Something Better

Creating something better in your video marketing campaign will set you apart from your competitors. Video marketing provides a quick and powerful route for organizations to reach their audience members without spending large amounts of money on corporate or affiliate relationships.

How to Have the Most Success With Video Marketing

In order for businesses to succeed these days, they must be effectively marketing across a wide audience. Online marketing is no different. When you craft high-quality videos, it just takes you a few minutes to reach people around the world. The tips that follow can help.

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