Is it Time For a Website Redesign? Here’s How to Know For Sure

5 Tips to Begin Your Web Video Production

With the explosion of social media and the growing popularity of web video, it only makes sense that these two internet devices meld together to create the ultimate marketing tool? The videos now have the ability to take a life of their own and spread far and wide across the web browsing community through these social media websites with any sort of subject matter. Videos come with a number of benefits, aside from the ability to achieve viral status, they are also low cost, allow the communication of a large quantity of information in a brief time, is far more preferable to view than for someone to read a wall of text on a website, as well as being able to create a human connection and effectively lending a face and personality to an otherwise bland message.

Top Ten Countdown of Successful Web Videos

Hands down the highest rated websites on Google and other search engines all have some sort of web video in them. Print just does not stand up to videos when it comes to marketing products anymore since the internet is so widely available on so many devices. It is not just important for large corporate companies to tap into this viable marketing resource but for small, local ones to also.

How Does One Increase Their Website’s Popularity Using YouTube?

Do you have any creative or informative videos you want to promote online but don’t know how? Ever wonder how other videos get to have a thousand views in an instant? Here are some very useful techniques and strategies for making your video go viral without fail.

Web Video: Your Businesses Potential for Growth

In case you aren’t convinced that web video marketing hasn’t made itself relevant in recent years, statistics on YouTube state that this site receives about three billion plus daily video views, more than forty-eight hours of video content uploaded each minute for a total of eight year’s worth of videos being added each day, and it comes only second to its owner company, Google, as the most prominent search engine in the world. Now, YouTube and various other video hosting sites are now having their content indexed by Google. The top results on any given web search are now going to be those with relevant video content as opposed to text based results now as a result of the index. So, unless a company wants to be buried in a slew of search results, they are going to have to offer up some web video content.

Web Video Production Placement Strategies Using YouTube

More and more companies are beginning to realize the true value of investing in web video production. However, where many companies seem to fall short in these ventures is in placing the videos once they have produced them. While a wide variety of placement options exist which can well serve the purpose of spreading information about your business, such as the company’s website, Facebook, and other video hosting and social media sites, perhaps the most important move a company can make is in posting their completed web videos to YouTube.

Why Use Video Promotion?

Promotion through web videos is the up and coming trend. If a single picture is worth 1000 words then a video is priceless.Today, YouTube is the single largest video sharing site on the internet. This stems from individuals’ desire to quickly locate videos without spending hours skimming through countless websites. Nowadays, the simplest means of attracting a viewer’s attention is through the use of web videos. When added to your website these will help draw in visitors and keep them on your site longer, reducing the bounce rate, increasing your search ranking, and ultimately drawing in more visitors.

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