Is this BIG YouTube Update BAD for SMALL CHANNELS?

What a YouTube Channel Can Do For Your Brand

The internet is now awash with video content. Only a couple of years ago the idea of watching a video online meant poor quality, intermittent buffering rates and lack of choice. Thanks to the likes of websites such as YouTube and the fact that on average our broadband speeds these days far surpass what we were used to, it’s the age of the video.

Drive Traffic Using YouTube, Can Be Very Powerful is one of the busiest sites on the internet, getting over a billion views a day! To get people to watch your video, you have to make your video interesting to catch the viewer’s attention! In your video give your viewers a sense of value for them to come back to your channel are subscribe! At the end off each video, make sure you have your website URL listed and then give your viewers the option to viewers to click on the link below!

Video Advertising Is One Of The Best Ways To Create A Call To Action

The most important aspect of video advertising is its call to action. This is accomplished by motivating the viewer to follow through on the instructions you give them. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have superior content, and a few other word-to-the-wise video techniques.

Promoting Your Business Using YouTube

Are you using YouTube for marketing purposes? If so, then you’re making a great decision. I think YouTube is a fantastic way to promote yourself and your business. YouTube is a social networking hub that people visit to view videos on all sorts of subjects. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, you too can use YouTube to have marketing success.

Online Video Marketing (Part 1): Social Media or Email? Who Will Win?

EMarketer claims that businesses plan to spend $2.3 billion (yes, that’s with a “B”) on online video marketing in 2011. Where will these marketing videos be posted?

YouTube and Video Marketing

You have probably heard of people using YouTube to promote their own websites, services, or products, but just how effective is YouTube video marketing? You can spend countless hours creating and uploading videos to YouTube and receive little to no results, while other people seem to attract millions of views by posting one single video.

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