Is This the WORST Place to Advertise Online?

Boost Your Web Traffic for Free With a YouTube Channel

Everybody is latching on to YouTube. Get a channel today and help drive traffic to your site.

How a Video Sales Team Can Dramatically Increase Your Monthly Income

Since there’s so much potential within the world of social traffic, we need to find a way to convert that traffic into sales. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create corporate videos. These are videos designed to immediately capture your reader’s attention.

Getting Your Viral Web Video Marketing Campaign Off to a Good Start

Viral web video marketing is quick to do and easy to watch. More importantly it brings in the cash. At one time, kids, when they wanted to say that something was really impressive, they would say it was “nuclear.” When Michael Jackson wanted say he was really cool…

How Large Companies Are Ensuring Security With Online Video

Big brands have realized the power of video for years and have utilized web video in order to enhance brand techniques and bring further consumer awareness of their product. Larger brands have been experimenting with product driven series, such as Holiday Inn Express’ “Smart Show” and Southern Comfort’s music show, “Music Nights Presented by Soco” with MyDamnChannel. Many large and successful companies have risen to the occasion and have shown their ability to evolve in the changing media market by utilizing new technology, such as web video, to their advantage.

Online Video Marketing – Is It Possible To Make Money Online With Videos?

Every time something new comes along like online video marketing, you’ve got to be wary. Is it just a fad? How legitimate really is it a method to strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales? It might not be the newest craze anymore (can anyone say, “social media”?), but it’s still approached with a degree of hesitation.

How to Turn YouTube Into Your Marketing Weapon

YouTube’s popularity has grown tremendously with millions of visitor’s everyday and that makes many marketers see this as a great potential for increasing their businesses. As a matter of fact, YouTube is considered as a highly effective business tool.

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