Keeping YOUR Channel from being DEMONETIZED on YouTube

Don’t Hide Behind a Keyboard – Be the Face of Your Business!

People like to see faces. It’s a psychological fact and one that can boost your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness ten-fold! Check out this article to find out why and how.

Creating a Video That Connects With Your Audience

Video marketing is big news these days, but creating something that your audience can relate to isn’t as easy as it sounds. This article looks at why feelings are far more important than features when it comes to creating engaging videos.

Start Video Marketing

More and more marketers are jumping on the video marketing band wagon because it is shockingly effective. Video marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing technique that marketers all around the world should focus on. However, there are many people out who are afraid to pursue video marketing for several reasons.

How to Record Audio From a Computer for Super Awesome Results!

There is a lot more to capturing awesome sounding audio and voice-over recordings than just speaking into a microphone. Here is how to record audio from a computer for better-than-average sound.

Top Ten Reasons To Use Video Marketing

Let’s face it, in today’s world technology is growing fast and if you don’t have a product that is trending, you might as well forget it. But what about your technique of marketing that product? Did you know that it can hinder the success of the product as well? The way you market a product needs to be appealing to the customer otherwise they are not going to buy. Have you ever considered using video marketing?

How to Make Extra Money Fast Before Christmas

There are simple things you can do to earn extra money online in time for Christmas or even bridge the gap when you don’t have income coming in during the holiday season. The Xmas Cash Kit is a simple system to help you start a business during the Christmas season and earn cash all year long.

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