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YouTube Marketing Secrets – Learn How to Rule the Roost With Video Marketing!

The audio-visual medium has got a shot in the arm, ever since digital technology has been coming out with chart busting broadcasting applications. Websites like YouTube are clearly ruling the roost with its ground-breaking videos on just about all possible subjects…

YouTube Video Secrets Revealed

Content remains king in the search engine algorithms; however, more and more search engine users are turning to video for news, entertainment, and even to get information about product or services. Not only is video a useful tool for appealing to customers, video is also growing in favor with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you aren’t using video as part of your site promotion strategy, here’s what you need to know.

YouTube Marketing Tips – How to Beat Your Competitors Through Video Marketing

So you are a start up with an almost non-existent marketing budget. You are prowling for methods and effective marketing tools to beat your competitors to pulp…

YouTube Marketing Tips – How to Become an Internet Celebrity and Rake in the Dollars!

Who doesn’t want to be a star! No, we aren’t suggesting that you pack your bags and move to Hollywood, we are simply suggesting that you create an interesting content-based video clip and become an Internet celebrity…

A Guide to Haul Viral Videos

This article will explain the new Haul viral videos on YouTube and how local businesses can use these to promote themselves and increase sales. On YouTube, there are a new set of viral videos called “Haul” videos. These are videos posted by everyday people talking about the stuff they bought on their most recent shopping spree.

How to Use Video in Your Investor Relations Strategy

In this economy of depressed markets and money-conscious investors, the cost of raising capital or your stock’s profile is not only getting higher but the ROI is practically non-existent. It seems like every company is working harder and spending more on investor relations and marketing campaigns but yielding far less results.

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