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How to Use Animated Video

Animated video is a lot more affordable these days making it a viable option for most businesses. This article looks at the benefits of it and when it should be used.

Video Content That Will Showcase Your Business

We all know we should be using video as part of our marketing strategy, but knowing how to use it is another thing entirely. This article looks at ways of using video content to promote your business.

YouTube Will Help You Boost Your Video Ranking Effectively

One of the most effective ways for an online business to connect with its target audience is video marketing. If you have a website, you need techniques to bring traffic to it, and creating quality videos is one of the best ways to do this.

How To Tell A Story: Does Your Video Marketing Have A Compelling Message

Do you know how to tell a story that is compelling for your video marketing efforts? There are 5 easy tips that can enhance your story telling capabilities discussed here. Engagement will either improve your viewership or make it meaningless. Find out about the 5 tips in this article.

The Business of Viral Videos

Viral marketing, also called viral advertising, refers to a marketing technique that utilizes unconventional means – like websites – in spreading information about a product or service. One of the best ways to do viral marketing is by creating video campaigns. Videos attract a bigger audience because they can be seen on practically every corner of the Internet, specifically on social media and video sharing sites. As these videos are shared across different sites and viewed by various groups of people, they become viral. To use a cliche, they “spread like a disease”. Thus, they are called viral videos.

Web Video Formats – SWF And FLV

When it comes to web video formats, you’re going to want to pick a format that is fast, easy, and very simple for your visitors to use. If you’re currently getting a lot of traffic to your website, but you’re realizing that a lot of these visitors aren’t staying long because the size of your video is too large…

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