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How To Get More YouTube Channel Views

Success on YouTube is both art and science. If you’re making videos for YouTube and still not quite satisfied with the number of channel views you’re getting, you must be doing this wrong.

2 Tips For Getting Any Results With Marketing On YouTube

The fact that YouTube is currently the third most trafficked site on the internet makes is a great location to market a business. Millions upon millions of people are on YouTube every single day and it really doesn’t take many of these people to have a business doing very well. But if the marketing done on YouTube is not done properly, a lot of time and energy can be wasted. So here are 2 big tips that are crucial for getting results from any marketing done on YouTube.

Easy Video Player 2.0 Is Here

The introduction of Easy Video Player (EVP 1.0), and now EVP 2.0 has revolutionized video marketing on the internet. What is EVP 2.0? And what makes it such a powerful tool for online marketers to promote their services and products using video? Well, read on to find out…

Why You Should Really Be Video Blogging

The possibilities for blogging keep expanding, with the most recent stage of development being video blogging. This takes blog posts to an entirely new level, above the static text-based kind, or even posts with a few photos as well as other graphics, into a far more dynamic and instant realm.

Add Video for Free

I can tell you, as someone who uses video a lot, that it adds a lot to your presentations. Let’s face it: people prefer watching something to reading about it. Don’t believe me? Then look at the lines in front of your public library and your movie theaters and see if you notice a difference.

Easy Video Player 2 Makes Your Videos Go Viral

The new software just released called Easy Video Player 2 by Josh Bartlett is looking promising and after uploading, publishing, pinging and sending the link to my list, enough sales were made to cover 4 times the cost in 3 hours after sending it! That gets one’s attention.

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