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Subtitles on YouTube, How to Get Them

Just like on TV, it is possible to get subtitles on YouTube. Videos marked with a small CC mark at the bottom have one or more texts. When you click on the CC mark, you can choose which one you want to see. But you can also create you own subtitles.

10 Essential Tips to Creating Better Marketing Videos

Using video for getting your marketing message across has long been a well used and effective medium for connecting with people whatever the subject, getting your marketing video right in a sales message can be very effective, but get it wrong and you’ll just end up annoying people.

Video Is The Hottest Product To Be Selling Online And Here’s Why

Video marketing is the biggest and most lucrative trend the Internet has seen in years. Soon you will not see a blog or website that is not using video and the smart marketers who seize this trend now before it’s too late will walk away with some very large commission checks.

Video Marketing – 5 Tips To Kick Start Your Videos

With YouTube having 27 hours of video uploaded every minute, video marketing is a force that is growing exponentially. There are hundreds of video sharing sites and the volumes of traffic are incredible. But how can you capitalize on video marketing. Here’s 5 tips to kick start your videos.

7 YouTube SEO Tips You Haven’t Heard Of!

In the age of video marketing, small business owners must learn YouTube insider tips that will help them blast their YouTube visibility and their SEO. This article covers 7 unknown yet very effective YouTube SEO tips. To your success!

Screencast – Because Google Loves Web Videos

Terrified to get in front of a camera? Learn to screencast instead. Yes, you can make killer videos for your online business even if you don’t even own a digital camera!

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