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Using the Power of Video to Sell Your Product

A product video is an unbelievably powerful tool and very underestimated. In relation to my own eCommerce store one of the suppliers had taken the time to create a product video for all the products that they manufactured.

How To Squeeze The Most From Video Marketing

Video is the present and future of online marketing and it’s easy to see why. Studies indicate that by 2017, 67% of all online traffic will come from video.

How to Stop Viewers From Switching Off Your Videos

Video marketing is great and can be very effective, but happens when you see viewers dropping off? This article offers a few tips on how to your video drop off viewers with some simple fixes.

Want to Be the Next Big Thing on YouTube?

It’s time to learn to write your own script for your next commercial. Writing a Commercial – Commercials are more than just on TV.

Videos Encourage Visitors to Your Website

Videos can make learning easier and more memorable as they involve more than one of your senses. You are listening and watching and possibly also taking notes, all this can help you to remember the training more effectively. However people differ in the preferences of learning styles, what suits you?

How Online Video Marketing Strategies Can Explode Your Offline Business

If you’re an offline business owner looking for ways to expand your business online, have you included video marketing strategies in your business plan? Data provided by comScore and other similar online marketing data providers show that online videos: helped 52% of consumers decide on their purchases; are watched at least twice by 66% of consumers online; are watched by consumers 60% of the time.

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