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How Not to Tweet Your Videos

Tweeting your videos is an excellent marketing strategy. Just be sure you make the right decision on HOW you’re going to do your video tweeting.

5 Keys to an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy

Don’t just plop your videos into YouTube and forget about them! There’s a marketing strategy to YouTube just like there is for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest! Here are 5 great tools to help you implement your YouTube Marketing Strategy.

3 Secret (Free!) Tools for Making Video Without a Camera

Want to create business video but afraid to be on camera? Here are 3 free tools for creating video without a camera that are right at your fingertips and you probably don’t even know it.

Engagement Is The Future Of Video Marketing

Business entrepreneurs and small business owners have most certainly been instructed for a few years about the significance of video within the promotional combination. In the good old days, getting someone to simply click on your online video could have been plenty, and video subject matter did undoubtedly facilitate your website in the search results. But increasingly, just how long people spend observing your video or the degree to which your online video engages them is gaining added value. Spectacular may no longer be all you need.

Top Ten Free Methods to Promote YouTube Videos

It is always a challenge to drive traffic to your videos. How do you increase YouTube views, using free strategies? By last count, 1.5 million videos are uploaded to YouTube each and every day. Unless you have a strategic plan, the chance of your productions being seen are slim to none. With the robots of Google, you can use specific strategies to properly set-up your video production to increase the viewership. Here is a list of my top 10 free strategies that you can use to help your video become more visible

How to REALLY Sell With Video

Most businesses, when they want to sell with video, go one of two ways. They either become pushy salesmen or they just give and give and never ask for the sale. Neither method works! Here’s how to REALLY sell with video.

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