Local SEO + Google My Business – How to Rank in Google Maps Tutorial

Marketing Yourself on YouTube

YouTube is not just for watching movie clips, funny videos or how to tutorials. There are other great uses for it also, one of which is creating what are called ‘Infomercials’. These can be used to promote a product or service.

3 Steps to Marketing Your Video

You have created a great video which gets your message across and showcases your product or service. The problem you now have is how to get others to watch it. There is no point in having a great video which nobody knows about. So now it’s time to move away from the video creation stage and onto the marketing stage.

Build Your Brand With a YouTube Channel

Whether you run a big or small business, one thing you need to be aware of is the importance of branding. If you are using online video content then you need to be using YouTube. How will this benefit you? Well, you can set up your own YouTube channel to promote your business or service.

The Phenomenal Rise of YouTube

YouTube is a free online sharing video service where you are allowed to view, upload and share your video content. It was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen who were ex PayPal employees. While at PayPal they saw the power in simplifying a process and giving everyone a solution.

Local Business and the New Media Revolution

All businesses whether they are large or small should be aware that in the new media revolution, online video marketing plays a massive role.   Here are some interesting statistics for the new media revolution: YouTube has become the 4th popular search engine. Online video has exploded. More than 60% of all internet traffic is accounted for by online video. In the United States alone, 26 billion online videos were viewed each month.

How to Embed a YouTube Video Into a Blog

There can be no doubt that video plays an important role in internet marketing. Not so long ago web pages consisted of long text and not much else. Today we expect our websites to offer more and video has certainly helped to satisfy that need. Adding video to a webpage is not always so easy for a non-technical user. In this article I will be dealing with a blog that runs under the WordPress platform.

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