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Video Marketing Tactics to Reach the Top in Google Rankings

Most website owners have no choice but to pay more attention to the quality of their website content to match the recent and still expected changes being implemented by Google. While content quality had always been a requirement, many websites also used SEO “tricks” to put their websites on top of Google search ranking.

Major Benefits of Online Video Marketing

“The latest data from comScore, Inc’s comScore Video Metrix show that “more than 180 million U.S. Internet users watched 33 billion online content videos in June. Video advertising reached another all-time high in June as 11 billion video ads were viewed.”

How to Search Engine Optimize Content for Online Video Marketing

By the end of 2015, online video is predicted to increase to 90 percent of all internet traffic. In fact the top spots on Google search results are increasingly being occupied by websites with video content, pushing those with traditional content to the lower spots or out of the first page search results.

Video Marketing Best Practices in 2015

People all over the world are consuming and sharing videos on a daily basis, not just YouTube videos but now also Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter videos. All of the major social media platforms are actively seeking to make videos an important part of their platform, and as a marketer you simply cannot ignore this. One third of all online activity is spent watching videos, according to Digital Sherpa’s 25 Amazing Video Marketing Statistics.

Why You Should Be Making Videos For Marketing Online

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular on the internet and with over 1 billion people using YouTube every month you have the potential to reach a huge audience who are looking for your products and services. Making videos for marketing is not as complicated as you may think.

Incorporating Videos in Internet Marketing

Revolutionary changes in the industry have paved way for other innovative marketing means apart from the traditional marketing methods like pop-ups and banners. You have to be creative and think out of the box in order to keep up with the dynamic changes happening in the virtual world. One of the new marketing tools that are proven to be effective to the current generation of online customers is known as video marketing.

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