My Favorite Business Hack

Get It On Tape, Corporate Style!

This article shows how video making companies can make adverts, training sessions or even company promotions by filming everything professionally. It also shows that actors may have to be used even if the senior management thinks that they can cope with being on camera.

Great Videos Means Finding Great Production Service Providers

This article highlights the use of production services to produce a great advertising campaign. It also goes on to suggest ways to put over the idea of what is needed to the production company.

Online Videos: To Host or Not to Host? Including Video SEO Tips

Another day in the life of the internet and users’ habits are changing. It was recently stated by Google that the video sharing provider YouTube has over 1.2 billion steams per day, worldwide! That is the equivalent to every internet user in the world watching at least one YouTube video a day! These statistics help confirm the fact that videos are becoming a more important business and communication tool online.

Target Your Keywords to Increase YouTube Views

If you really want to increase YouTube views, the best place to start is in your keyword placement. The keywords you choose for your YouTube videos directly affects where your videos show up in searches. It’s important to take the time to do a little research on the best keywords for your videos, and to make sure those keywords are placed in the right places.

Internet Marketing – 4 Things That Consistently Create Better Web Videos

I’ve laid down simple steps you can take even a 10 year old can do. It’s time to start getting more of your powerful message shared using the power of web video marketing.

Integrating Articles Into Videos

I find that video marketing fits right in with article marketing. In fact it is easier. Just take the written article you have submitted before and create a video article from it. Don’t know how, just outsource it.

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