Ready, Set, GA4: How To Simplify Your Move to GA4

Cost Effective Killer Website Video Marketing – Think TV With 2 Billion Channels

By adding video to the homepage of your website you can improve the speed of your message delivery and its impact as a sales and marketing tool. Here are 8 steps to a cost effective killer online marketing presentation.

Lawyers Use Online Video to Get New Clients – Part 1

As the internet has taken hold and more lawyers have recognized the benefits of marketing online, one marketing tool is defining the standard of advertising on the web. Online videos. It is the newest, hottest tool available for lawyers to communicate their message on the web.

Breakthrough Video Marketing – Uncover 3 Latest Methods to Multiply Your Online Video Marketing

Technology changes so rapidly, and none more so than the technology in online marketing development. The online age has taken steps beyond even websites now, and to be successful you need to step up a gear – and accommodate video marketing into your portfolio.

Discovered! How to Create a Video on YouTube, MySpace Or Facebook That Pulls a Ton of Traffic

With YouTube being the No 3 traffic site in the world there’s no wonder everybody wants to throw up a video in the hope of pulling some traffic to their website. Get it right and you’ll also be able to upload to MySpace and Facebook, the 5th and 7th ranked sites, and you could be on a bonanza of free traffic back to your main business site.

Making Videos on a Budget – How to Composite Your Own Pictures

If you have been contemplating putting an ‘infomercial’ video on your website or YouTube, in an effort to attract more business, you may be pleased to know you can actually do it for much less than you thought. Digital cameras are very affordable these days and a good one with all the functionality you will ever need will cost you less than 200. Remember, don’t get hung up on the ‘Mega Pixels’ 7.

Are Book Videos Effective?

Video marketing has proven to be the most effective advertising tool available – surpassing print, image and audio ads – and book videos are no exception. Most major publishers now showcase video promos on their websites, as well as promote them through numerous affiliate and social networking sites. Savvy self publishers are taking advantage of the medium as well by commissioning production companies to create promos for their websites, book tours, affiliates, and television spots.

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