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Need Help Marketing Online? Use These Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is hot! Here’s how to increase your online sales with effective video marketing.

Creative Writing: What’s in a Story?

When you plan on creating a movie or any kind of video, you need to have a story in mind. Even if you are producing a corporate instructional video, there is a story that needs to be told. There are a few basic components to stories that you should keep in mind when beginning to outline the video you plan on producing.

Creative Writing: No Internal Dialogue Allowed

When it comes to writing for film, it is not the same as writing short stories or novels. One of the most glaring differences between the two forms of storytelling is that for film, you cannot have any internal dialogue. When you write a short story or novel, you can express any and every thought that your characters have.

Creative Writing: Kill Your Darlings

The process of learning to write requires that you create thousands upon thousands of words to tell a simple story. However, it is very tempting to include just about everything you write into your final story. One of the toughest challenges that a writer can face is to cut something that he or she is extremely proud of because it does not add to the story and can even become a liability.

Video Editing Tips to Help Your Production Shine

It is over-simplistic to define video editing as merely cutting out shaky shots, splicing scenes together, and creating a smooth transition from one shot to the next. Video editing takes the raw footage that is created and sews everything together from sound effects to video effects to create a powerful and emotional final product.

Factors to Consider in Video Production

These days, video production is considered as one of the most potent methods to get the word out about your business to your prospective niche market, and call them into action. If you’re completely new to this type of medium, producing a video to market your business can be quite difficult and intimidating. Among the principal concerns that come up is how to find the right people that offer excellent service and agreeable deals.

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