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Video Production: The History and Use of Viral Videos

Viral videos have literally gone viral since the introduction of video sharing sites such as YouTube and have proved a popular way to market new products and to create brand awareness. Successful viral videos are watched millions of times across the world and the hype is usually created by the sharing of the videos on social networks such as Facebook or twitter.

3 Tips For Your Video Marketing Success

Online video marketing has become an in demand item in the recent months. This marketing method is very successful for a few reasons; your viewer gets to know you and/or your products, the media is more engaging then text, your call to action can be conveyed much easier and so many more reasons.

Video Optimisation

Why Optimise Your Video? You have a professionally produced video and this has been uploaded to all of the social media platforms, inc YouTube and is displayed on the front page of your website. Job done! Unfortunately not! Search Engines cannot read video, and if not optimised correctly search engines won’t know exactly what the video is about and will not give any authority, as time has not been allocated to inform them.

Marketing Your Web Video Through Email

Everyday someone has some sort of internet communication device with them. It seems as people would be lost without them. Fifty percent of this traffic was comprised of web videos; we can now share them at the tip of our fingertips. More people are likely to view a short video while waiting for the bus, than read a couple pages of articles.

YouTube Marketing – Creating New Videos

If you’ve heard about YouTube and are very interested into getting on this site to promote your products and services, then you should know that you’re making a great choice. YouTube can help you to market your products and services online simply and easily, and it can boost your website traffic and hits in a very short period of time. If you want to start using YouTube for your business, all you need is a good camcorder.

Using Video Marketing To Get Traffic Back To Your Website

When it comes to promoting your website online, one of the greatest techniques that you can use is video marketing. Sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe are excellent ways to distribute your videos online simply and easily. And you should know that this 1 traffic source can bring you endless amounts of views and traffic back to your website.

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