Should you GIVE UP on YouTube Shorts?

Marketing With Video

The typical marketing video production revolves around a variety of desktop publishing tools that enable an individual to quickly and easily create and produce a viable video that can serve as a mechanism through which to promote products and services. Something that a lot of people do not necessarily think about is what kind of camera they may need as part of their marketing video production.

Utilising YouTube For Some Excellent Free Internet Marketing

YouTube can be used as a fabulous marketing tool. Do you know how to use is and what to do? Here is a quick look at what you can try.

Article 2 – Video Marketing – Take the Script and Make it Visual

In my last article, I discussed how important the script was to your video. This article is going the next step and taking that awesome script you just wrote and make it visual.

Article 1 – Video Marketing – The Script – Setting the “Hook” to Make Tons of Money Online

There is a lot of buzz out there regarding videos and how they can really ramp up your sales on your blog. Why? Because, they work!

Online Video Marketing is Powerful For Advertising Your MLM, Direct Sales, Or Franchise Business

The power of online video marketing has grown to the point where savvy marketers know it must become a part of their advertising arsenal. Business video marketing on the Internet creates extremely targeted business leads for a relatively low cost. Combining free video distribution methods with carefully chosen paid video advertising venues creates the most powerful combination for an effective video marketing strategy for network marketing (multi-level marketing, or MLM), direct sales, and franchise opportunity businesses.

Teaching an Online Curriculum to the Modern Belly Dancer

Dancing today is different then it was twenty years ago and with today’s modern conveniences women are finding dance classes are just a click away. As a dance teacher I found that I wanted belly dance to be available to all women who might not otherwise be able to learn because of location, economy or family.

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