Should YouTubers REALLY CARE About This?

How Most YouTube Videos Are Made

YouTube video making isn’t rocket science. Way back during YouTube’s humble beginnings, its early users just used their respective webcams to create personal videos about their respective interests.

YouTube Makes It Really Easy For You To Rank Videos Highly

Take a look at most videos on the front page of YouTube, read the description (If there is one) and judge for yourself whether anyone is doing what YouTube is asking you to do. Most people are missing the point and that is creating a wide open opportunity for you.

YouTube Help Center: Why Does Everyone Have To Pay Attention?

YouTube is the best video hosting website out there. It’s free and it offers great flexibility in managing the video content you produce. It still provides you, as an anonymous user, features such as being able to create a QuickList of videos that you’ve gone through so far. YouTube is fast, intuitive, and lets you be part of a great community of video content creators that spans the globe.

Do You Want to Save Money On Corporate Video Production?

So you want to produce a corporate video? Great idea! Corporate video is the most powerful marketing and communications tool available to any business and is far too often underutilised and discarded due to businesses mistakenly thinking it is expensive and overpriced.

Develop Online Success With YouTube

We all know “a picture is worth 1,000 words” well a moving speaking picture has to be a hundred times more effective! In only a minute or two you can get a message across clearly and easily. So how can you make quick and easy videos? Why are videos so good for bringing visitors to your sales pages?

The Corporate Video Marketing Phenomenon

If you Google “video marketing boom” there are about 16,900,000 results. It is real, and it is happening now. Online video marketing has had double-digit year-on-year growth, and is on its way to disrupt TV marketing within the next few years.

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