Small Channels: Do THIS or the Algorithm Will IGNORE You

Just Exactly What is Web Casting?

Recently, a friend joined a home based business and explained that all of the training about the product and the company would be done through the computer using advanced Internet technology, called web casting. How is that possible? Aren’t there meetings to attend, books and information pamphlets to read?

Video Marketing Secrets to Reach Potential Clients Online Fast

For you to appreciate the video marketing secrets we are going to outline here, it is imperative that you know that recent polls and researches are pointing to the fact that lots of web surfers prefer video ads to plain word ads. This trend is relatively new but it is fast gaining ground on the internet and you have to be in front, so that your competitors wouldn’t leave you behind.

Using Video As a Viable and Profitable Sales Tactic

Traditionally, products made for sale by internet marketers are text based, as are the sales letters that surround them. But, to many that is an old fashioned view. It can also make product creation needlessly difficult. You should be using video as an alternative. This article describes how to get started with video.

Internet Marketing For Artists – Video Sales Letters

You know those old style, very long sales letters that you always see on webpages? The ones that are always trying to sell you something you don’t really need? Well, those old sales letter formats are going the way of the dinosaur and you want to be better than that.

What Is a YouTube Channel?

If you like making videos, or editing ones that are already out there, then YouTube is the place to post them. Millions of users from across the globe sign in to You Tube everyday, and who knows who will stop by and take a look at the videos you have made. A YouTube channel is just another way of saying account.

How to Create a Channel On YouTube

YouTube is not only one of the most popular video sharing sites on the internet, they make it easy to upload your videos where anyone from the world can login and take a look. There are seriously millions of users who will have access to your talent.

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