Social Media Trends 2022

Using YouTube for Business

On the Internet these days, video is king. Statistics show that by the year 2014, 90 percent of all Web traffic will be video based. Just ask YouTube. With more than 1 billion unique monthly users, YouTube is the second-most popular online search engine. With such an active user base, YouTube has given quite a bit of business to video marketing companies, which are being tapped by companies looking to promote products and services. Are you using YouTube for business?

Truths of Video Marketing You Never Realized

There are many facts and figures that can be discussed based on the title of this post. My team could write an entire book that goes through the specific details about what it takes to be successful with you online marketing efforts and why driving traffic to your website is key to your increase in business. Some people have asked, “Why use online marketing anyway?

How Custom Animated Videos Can Make Your Brand Popular

Popular brands have a large fan base. The allegiance of the fan base is with the basic idea behind the product and its services. This idea about a product/service has to be presented in a compelling manner.

How to Promote Your Company Using Video and YouTube

Video promotion is an exciting promotional tool with so many possibilities across many Internet platforms. This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to use YouTube to get get the best out of your company’s web video.

How Video and YouTube Can Strengthen Business and Market Share

Let’s start with the facts: YouTube is the third most visited site in the word, right after Google and Facebook. The site gets over a billion unique users visiting on a monthly basis, and their viewership base is helped along by the sheer number of videos they offer, with more coming in: a 100 hour’s worth every minute, according to them. If you’re a US based business, Nielsen ratings identify YouTube as reaching more US adults (18-34) than any US cable network, and you can also reach a world-wide audience easily, what with 80% of the traffic coming…

Video As Another Ideal Internet Marketing Promotion Tool

There are many ways to achieve success with Internet marketing. Video marketing is one of the hottest trends going right now and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

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