Social Media Will NOT Drive Traffic To your Website (But THIS Will!) #shorts #digitalmarketing

Video Marketing Can Help Increase Your Business Profit

Video marketing is relatively new, but it has already proven its effectiveness. If you own an online business and you have a website, this type of advertising strategy would help your website to increase traffic and gain more customers. If you are not yet employing this strategy, you are simply ignoring a huge amount of profit that you could possibly earn.

Viral Marketing Millionaires

“Free Word of Mouth” – The four words that everyone loves to hear uttered and see written. Four words that say, “There’s always room for more” and “let me share this with you, you matter to me!” Four words that have caused “Facebook” to now boast 350,000,000 users, and causes Microsoft to invest $240,000,000.00 into “Facebook” and cause “Facebook’s” value to be set at $15 billion! Four words that caused Twitter to be a household word in 9 months!

A Unique Video Squeeze Page

If you want a way to stand out in a crowded internet full of squeeze pages, you should consider turning up your pages to eleven. How can you go from just another page to a promising new look?

Video Marketing – How to Create a Simple Online Video Using Windows Movie Maker

Creating a simple online video using Windows Movie Maker is a highly effective way to market your website and you don’t even need a video camera. A video will engage the audience much better than written content. This is because visitors can watch, listen and read instead of just reading the text version of your content.

Quick Video Marketing

Do you want to do some quick video marketing? If so, then all you need is a WebCam and some way to get your voice heard.

4 Steps to Make Money on YouTube

It is acknowledged to the whole world that you can easily find videos and upload videos of just about everything (crime and something illegal is not allowed, absolutely) on YouTube. But that’s all? Actually, there is still something you don’t know. That is: you can also make money on it. You know, YouTube pays money to people who have a lot of views on videos that they post. So why make some money on YouTube? Just follow 4 steps introduced in this article.

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