STOP Wasting your Viewers’ Time on YouTube!

The Usefulness of Lawyer Video Marketing

As a lawyer, it is very important to have a website since at one time or another you will want to use video marketing. In fact, lawyer video marketing has become a very common strategy for owners of small as well as large law firms. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to invest in a website that can accommodate a video marketing campaign drive. The main advantage of a video especially for a lawyer is that it enables the client to get used to the lawyer’s voice. In other words, it enables the lawyer to create a connection with the client. Lawyer video marketing will work out only if it is informative as well as educational. Clients are interested in the lawyer’s experience. Therefore, you should show your mastery of topics such as bankruptcy and mediation in that video.

Lawyers Learn Online Video Marketing Tips From Jewelry Salesman

How do stores all selling the same thing distinguish themselves? I was in St. Maarten on vacation walking through shoppers paradise in Phillipsburg. One store after another. All trying to sell you rings, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, and designer handbags. How do they set themselves apart if they all have pretty much the same thing?

The Real Value in Video Marketing

There are a lot of questions out there these days about the real value of video marketing for a Christian home business. I use a lot of video in my marketing and it works exceptionally well for me – allowing me to personalize messages, introduce myself to my prospects, and develop a rapport that carries over into my written text.

Video Marketing For Lawyers – Behind the Scenes

It appears that the president’s communication team clearly “gets it” in terms of connecting the public with what the president does on a daily basis. This video clip gives a “behind the scenes look” at what the president does when responding to personal letters he receives each day.

Lawyers – Your Advertising Doesn’t Work

Your cases are dwindling. Your cash flow is diminishing. Your future cash flow is not looking that good either.

Viral Marketing Examples and Tips You Can Implement Today to Help Make Your Own Videos Go Viral

Getting traffic online isn’t impossible, but with more and more websites popping up every day, you need to always be doing something unique and different. This is where viral videos come in and how they are an excellent tool at generating traffic and interest in any website.

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