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Video Marketing: How to Improve Your Video Ranking

Do you want to improve your video rankings? Of course everyone wants their videos to go viral, right? No doubt you’ve viewed something on YouTube because it had a million hits, and you wanted to see why everyone thought it was so great. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s the stupidest stuff that goes viral, with no real return on results.

How to Get More From Video Marketing By Avoiding 2 Common Challenges

How are you using video marketing with your business? Is video marketing bringing you leads daily? Sales daily? What fears have stopped you from putting video to work for your business? As you look to put video to work for your business, I invite you to avoid two common challenges. When you can avoid these two major problems, you will be able to generate more business from all of your video marketing efforts.

A Guide to Creating a Video Sales Page

The rate of conversions for many companies has been hugely relative to the amount of media that they present most commonly the video sales page. The emerging fad of watching videos online has been phenomenal and one way for marketers to take advantage of this situation is to tap in to this kind of medium.

Why Dominating Video and Why Video Marketing

Long time ago people actually left video editing to experts. Video editing in the past meant getting good software that you pay at a costly price and some very expensive equipment. However things have changed and because Video has become a mainstream media for advertising a lot of people are yearning to learn the basics of it.

Things to Avoid in Video Marketing

In everything that we do we must always remember to promote excellence. We must learn from the mistakes of many people and avoid these pitfalls. Almost everything has some roster of things not to do and that includes Video Marketing. This kind of marketing has its do’s and most importantly also a list of don’ts. So before you fall for you’re them, we already made precautionary steps for you to avoid them.

Rights Managed Videos – Fuelling The Demand For Content

In this age of growing technological advancement and entertainment finding its way into the mobile phones of individuals, the demand for content is at an all time high. Most cable television channels, the internet and other such visual media are on the constant look out for content. This has placed those owning such content in an advantageous position as buyers of such content are willing to pay any price to get them. However, piracy is equally rampant and many a time original content is quickly duplicated to be seen across the globe within no time leading to a lot of loss to owners of such content. Video rights management or the rights to manage video content is thus becoming an important holding.

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