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How to Add a YouTube Transcript File to Your Video

YouTube has an automated caption/transcript generator that uses Google’s speech to text algorithm. Its primary purpose is for accessibility, to assist those with hearing disabilities, or who speak another language, to find out what your video is about. It is also used for indexing by the search engines and so can help with your SEO. This article covers how to add a YouTube transcript file to your video that can be used for search engine optimization.

Get More YouTube Views

You can get more YouTube views by following a simple process that can work for any industry or topic. While it would be great to have a video go viral and be viewed by millions, in reality the chances are slim and with a little time and effort spent working at online video marketing you can build your viewer base in a relatively short time.

Video Websites 101

Currently, uploading videos can be done really easy since you will be able to find a wide range of sources online. But, the most popular ones include YouTube, Google Video as well as Metacafe. However, are these video websites the best ones for you and your business?

The Most Often Viewed Videos On Youtube

The most viewed videos on YouTube. Surprising how many views have become generated by some interesting videos on YouTube and not always posted by celebrities.

Video Tutorials – Professional Quality Videos and Screen Captures

No matter what field you’re in, creating training videos is a skill that will come in handy. With the proper tools you can record your computer screen to make tutorial videos. When I want to record my computer screen in order to create a tutorial, I look to a variety of tools depending on the effect desired.

Why You Should Use Video in Your Online Reputation Management

Customers love video testimonials – Written reviews can be faked easily. Everybody knows when someone is being told what to say, video testimonials have way more value for prospects. (It’s like the TV show Lie to Me, we all have a 6th sense about this stuff).

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