The 4 Customer-Attraction Videos You NEED — & Where to Put Them on Your Website

The Web’s Epic Marketing Battle: Analytics Versus Creativity

There is an epic battle being fought on the Internet between the mighty forces of the left-brain ‘analytarians’ (those who worship at the feet of the almighty Google analytics) and the upstart underdog right-brain creatives. Lines have been drawn in all out trench warfare leaving the under-manned creatives scrambling for evidence to back their claims of superior marketing influence and impact.

Do-It-Yourself Web Videos Are a Waste of Time

Every site absolutely needs a web video. Whether it is on the homepage, on other pages of the site, or on all pages it is a necessity to bring in a strong client base. A web video conveys a message about the company that needs to be seen. A video needs to be able to capture the attention of the viewer, hold their attention, and educate the viewer about the company and their services. Implementing a visually appealing and effective video to the site is paramount. Utilizing video production companies can assist a company in producing a great web video. Trying to produce a video without the use of a video production company can end in a disaster leaving the viewer uninterested and inattentive.

Discover How Internet Video Marketing Is Going Social

We are undergoing unprecedented developments in the way video is and will be used by customers to shape their decision-making. Savvy businesses are combining video with social media, to take their video marketing to a new level.

YouTube Blows Out 7 Candles

For the past few days, YouTube has been celebrating 7 years of bombarding the world with amazing – and not so amazing – videos. The video-sharing website created in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal has been growing ever since it was produced. Bet the people at PayPal are not happy to realize this precious website didn’t stay in their premises.

Video Production: More Marketing Tactics

Text has died and videos have taken over. Consumers prefer watching over reading any day. No one wants to sit down and read until their eyes bleed to get the point or message of something. Why not watch a short video instead? Video production has many advantages that do more than save eyes from falling out of their sockets. With 77% of internet users utilizing web videos, it is apparent that web videos have an effect on the viewers.

A Great Video Interview Needs a Great Supporting B Roll

For a video interview to have a high production value, it is very important to capture engaging and relevant supporting footage or B Roll. Here are some practical tips and techniques that I use to capture great B Roll every time.

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