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How to Make Better Videos on YouTube

Most marketers focus on getting links and traffic to their videos, but fail to make effective videos. In this article I tell you how to make more effective videos.

Small Video Marketing Ideas For Big Results

Video marketing is here to stay. The best way to reach out the world without moving from your desk is sharing your videos with the billions of viewers that search the engines every day… when done the right way. Some small video marketing ideas will be enough to make sure it is done correctly. There are billions of videos waiting to be seen… but, Why should anybody want to spend their time watching yours? The answer is obvious, because it is worth. In video marketing, the real thing is not making videos, but getting people to watch them. In this article you will learn some small video marketing ideas that will give more viewers to your videos and more results to your business.

Why Online Marketers Profit From Using Video

Potential clients and customers are online searching for information on products to buy in your market. And although traditional online advertising and “search engine optimization” methods can be expensive and time consuming – for the time being using ONLINE VIDEO for lead and customer generation is not. Yet, using online video can be even more effective for bringing in new business than these other methods.

Video Marketing Made Easy: Shooting the Right Videos the Right Way

Got video marketing? As customers today continue to grow more and more demanding of instant gratification, it’s important for your business to find a way to keep their attention. New technologies today make it easier than ever to take a visual approach to promoting your business…

Rebecca Black Sings and Laughs Her Way to the Bank

Rebecca Black has become extremely successful over the past few months due to the release of her “Friday” YouTube hit. Was this planned success, or a one time viral sensation?

The Video Boss – A Marketing Strategy That Works

Video is a hot marketing strategy these days and if you haven’t jumped on board with this concept, you should. Here are some statistics that just might amaze you. On YouTube alone, viewers are uploading over 48 hours of video every minute. That’s an increase of 37% over the last six months and a whopping 100% increase over the last year.

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