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We Demand Clarification

For years television shows and movies have made use of subtitles. The reasons for using subtitles vary; they may be a tool for the deaf, a translation device for foreign speakers or films, a way to watch a visual media in a loud room, or an aid for understanding difficult audio. The benefits of adding captions to online media like YouTube would fall into this last category. As many videos on sites like this are produced by non-professional equipment and people, the audio quality is not fantastic. In fact, there are instances when the speaker is so quiet that one has to lean into the screen just to catch half of what is being said. Still more frustrating are those who speak too quickly or with a slurred voice.

Increasing Online Visibility and Reducing Misinterpretation by Adding Captions to Online Multimedia

Online multimedia outlets that stream content are some of the most popular websites on the internet today. Sites distribute content based on categories and users can find the content they are looking for by searching with keywords related to this content. One of the most prevalent problems with online multimedia is the inability of the web user to accurately identify audio and video on these multimedia sites. Garbled audio, fuzzy visuals and static can all lead to misinterpreting what the user is watching or listening to. This phenomenon can be extremely detrimental to the online media content provider, especially if said provider is selling or advertising a particular service or commodity. One way that media providers have combated this phenomenon is by adding captions or subtitles to online media.

Image Captions – The Way of the Future!

In recent history, the inclusion of captioning tools on picture and video websites has become common-place. This, I think, is a good thing. Aside from allowing users to further differentiate their content from that of others, captions are just plain fun. Placing a caption on a video on any number of popular video-posting websites gives you a chance to explain your video even further, and makes for oodles of fun. There are even user-friendly social networking websites that allow people to “tag” their friends in photos, which, aside from making people’s pictures all the more organized, allows users to share with each other like never before.

Video Marketing – Another Key to Online Earning Success

Video marketing is definitely something more people who want to make money on the internet are embracing. Videos can be an excellent way to sell more products.

Marketing Through YouTube

Every month approximately 2.7 billion people visit YouTube looking for information on health, finances, social issues, etc. Since a video media is much more interactive compared to Text search like Google or ping (Microsoft’s search engine) – more people are shifting to YouTube Search and other video media. So the question is how can I market on YouTube?

Spectacular Content Presentation Tips – Should You Use Video Marketing?

We’re pretty sure that most people reading this article already know the answer to that question. If you presume that video marking is only for the future, then you aren’t keeping up with the nature of marketing today. Not only are marketers using video to sell products, but real estate professionals are using it to market their properties better. Attorneys are using video marketing to get more clients. In fact, we even heard that someone used video marketing to get himself a job.

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