This is What $1,500 Gets You in Website Traffic: Facebook Ads VS Google Ads

Custom Video Production – How It Works for You!

Custom video production produces the content that gets instant attention. There is little doubt about it. Google loves videos, as they are easy to share (hence more client outreach) and are an instant hit with consumers who have a liking for video content.

Increasing the Marketability of Your Website by Using YouTube Videos

If you have a website and are looking for cost effective ways to advertise it, YouTube could be of great help. Yes! The video watching site actually has a lot of potential that can be leveraged in an efficient manner to market your website.

Video Testimonials: An Intelligent Marketing Tool

A testimonial in other words known as a reference, a written declaration or a formal statement is a proof of good work. In the business industry, a testimonial is treated like a certificate of competence. Today, customers are an intelligent group of people who cannot be fooled easily into believing what you say.

How to Use Video Marketing in Your Business

Whatever niche we are involved with and how we decide to market our products and services, I’m sure we understand the relevance and importance of creating a video to target a wide audience as a promotional strategy. Customers in general may relate to our presentation when they hear our voice and observe you explaining every step of the demonstration process.

You Need A Sensible Corporate Video Production

This article will discuss a few reasons that will enlighten people why they should create a corporate video production strategy. Videos can be a good tool for training people, marketing and promotions.

How to Make Great Webinars for Inbound Marketing

Video marketing and webinars are growing trends in the B2C medium, given the power of engagement they possess in attracting viewers. There’s a reason why YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the most popular websites out there – a picture says a thousand words, and a video says a thousand pictures. There’s a Method to the Madness Like anything, making an effective webinar is daunting if you don’t know where to start.

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