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Video Marketing – How to Make YouTube Autoplay on Your Website

You’ve thought about it long and hard and you’ve decided that you want to make YouTube autoplay on your website. You realise that some people find this annoying but you feel that for this particular website – it’s the right thing to do. But HOW do you do it – that’s the question you’re asking yourself. You thought it would happen automatically because all the videos autoplay in YouTube itself – but now you hear that that is not the case when you embed one of the videos into your website…

5 Benefits of Using Video to Market Your Legal Services

When a potential client comes into your office, isn’t your goal to educate them about how a lawsuit like theirs works, and how you can best guide them through their lawsuit? Didn’t you ever wish you could simply answer a viewer’s question online but had no real way to do so except for replying in an email?

Boost Sales Through Video Marketing

Now that your website is ready to be operational, how will you let the world know about the products/services you offer? There are several online marketing strategies. Video marketing is one of these. Many profitable websites are utilizing video marketing. Did it ever occur to you to utilize one? Basing from their website’s accomplishment, you know that these videos are performing well.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Must Add Video to Your Marketing Mix in 2010

A New Year is upon us… What worked last year in your business isn’t going to cut it today. If you really want your business to improve this fall, then you should add the power of video to your marketing mix.

Why Should I Bother With Video Squeeze Pages?

Unless you have been living under rock, you have probably noticed that almost every single internet marketing expert has been using video squeeze pages to launch their new products or to give away their free reports. So, why should you bother using video squeeze pages instead of text-only or audio squeeze pages?

5 Ways to Create Traffic – Pulling Videos in 10 Minutes Or Less

There’s no disputing it – videos are hot. They’ve taken the web by storm and their popularity is only increasing. Marketers who’ve decided to use this method to generate traffic to their site are seeing a steady flow of cash come from their efforts. Other marketers would like to tap into this lucrative stream, but feel like it’s too technical or time consuming to tackle.

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