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Why Your Web Presence Needs Video

Since the middle of the last century, mass media has been largely defined by video content. People want video content, and businesses that fail to bring it to their web presence likely will find themselves being left behind. Let’s take a look at six strong advantages web content has for your organization’s web presence.

10 Smart Tips to Turbo-Start Your Video Marketing Campaign

Doing these 10 basics right in your first video marketing campaign will ensure you benefit from your video marketing. Using video marketing as part of your free marketing strategies will promote your content, increase traffic to your blog and safe you money.

Is There Such Thing As the YouTube Alternative?

YouTube is the most recognized and utilized web 2.0 site on the internet today for streaming online video. Why would anyone look for a YouTube Alternative website?

Get More YouTube Views – Promote Your Books Or Music Effectively

If You want to get more views on YouTube to promote your books, music or anything. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been studying YouTube for almost a year learning how to boost my views. I’m not talking about paying for views, I’m talking about free YouTube views while you sleep.

Adding Captions to Your Web Video

Once you have decided to take part in making web videos, you have probably taken all of the necessary steps to creating magnificent videos. You have most likely figured out what you want to say, how you want to say it and where you’re going to film.

5 Important Tips to Drive Long Term Traffic Through Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a relatively new method to drive long term traffic to your website consistently. It is getting popular now with the technology advancement in broadband with increasing bandwidth, enabling more people to view video or TV on internet. There are five important tips in making your videos…

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