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Video Advertising Set to Boom in 2010

Studies show that video advertising is set to grow into 2010, coming to fruition as a mainstream media source. Google Inc anticipates significant growth in online video ads as marketers become more sophisticated at targeting consumers interactively and they have already made huge steps to ensure they will be big players in this field by successfully acquiring YouTube in 2006 for USD 1.65 billion.

Video Commerce – The Next Step For the Internet

If you ever have watched videos on YouTube pitching a product or service then you should not be surprised when you get “interactive” video invitations in your email inbox, flashing on your TV screen, or sent to your mobile device. It is the logical next step for on-line marketing and sales, and it is sure to come soon because of three growing trends and one great reason.

Are You Using Videos to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Business?

While using videos have been giving many online marketers the competitive edge in reaching out to a bigger and wider audience worldwide, there are still many people who have never tried this. It could be that they think it is difficult, shy to face the camera or a host of other excuses. The truth is they are missing a lot in terms of gaining more traffic and missing business opportunities.

10 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Online Video

Thanks to an oversupply of similar text, claims, and presentation – coupled with a short 21st century attention span – your website has less than ten seconds to move a visitor to action. If it doesn’t, that visitor will click away to another site, and then another. Therefore, it’s critical that you find a way to break through the noise your competitors are making.

The Value of Creating Videos and Using YouTube For Online Branding

Online videos are quickly becoming the most popular way to spread the word across the Internet about your online business. Online videos are a part of a new wave of online business promotion called viral marketing which is a technique that works like word-of-mouth advertising only it is accomplished in the online environment.

How to Use Youtube to Promote Your Business

YouTube is an online phenomenon which allows anyone in the world to make a video and then upload it free of charge for viewing by potentially millions of people all over the world. Founded in 2005, it is a social networking site which is traditionally used for music videos and TV clips but could easily be used to help your business to thrive.

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