TikTok Or YouTube: Which Is Better For Marketing?

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is just what it sounds like, selling a product or service through the use of video. You may be thinking that the use of video would not be worth the potential cost. However, studies have shown that video, used correctly is an impressive medium for sales.

Video Stock Footage For Free

I just discovered one of the greatest resources for video producers I could ever imagine. FREE stock footage. Yup, FREE. As an independent video producer, having access to quality footage is essential. I can not edit together a great video with out great raw materials.

How to Outsource Video Production

Do you want to jump into online marketing with video but don’t know where to start? YOu might want to consider outsourcing your video production.

Internet Video Takes a Leap

Online video becomes more and more like regular TV every day. Now, a new “TV Series” is being produced for the internet only.

IMovie Video Editing Software – A Breeze to Use

Does editing video on a computer leave you scratching your head? Video editing programs can be very confusing for the novice user. There is so much stuff crammed onto your monitor, it’s hard to know where to start.

The Next Big Thing – Online Video Marketing

Video marketing is now one of the most efficient medium to reach your potential clients. If you create and post your videos on various distribution channels, you will increase your chances of generating more traffic to your website which can in turn, boost your sales and revenue.

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