Time To End The Debate: Does Google Hate AI-Written Content?#shorts #google

How to Get Clicks From YouTube Videos

Have you been uploading YouTube videos for some time now in hope of promoting your website and still have had dismal results? This article will give you some tips on how to maximize your chances of getting YouTube viewers to click and visit your sites.

My Story Marketing – An Effective Way of Online Video Marketing

My Story marketing is gaining popularity as the most effective way of online video marketing. This article briefly explains what my story marketing is and discusses it’s various advantages.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Did you know you could make money on YouTube? Not a lot of people do. In this article, you will get to know the insider secrets to making money on YouTube!

Personal Branding Online – How Video Marketing is a Great Way to Easily Boost Your Brand!

Video marketing in the easiest and number one tool for anyone getting into the business of creating a personal presence online–no question! Why is that so I hear you ask? Well here is my view on the whole Video Marketing extravaganza.

Are Your Online Videos Newsworthy? Get Listed in Google News!

No doubt, getting your online videos listed on Google News could drive traffic to your site. But how do you submit them? Google News is a news aggregator service which means that it collects headlines from other news sources such as the Associated Press, USA Today, Reuters, and Forbes. Unless your Internet video is hosted on one of the major news sites, the chances of it being listed on Google News are slim. However, there is a backdoor: YouTube News.

Steven Essa at the World Internet Summit 2009

Now, if you had asked me about webinars two weeks ago I would have probably said something along the lines of, “what’s the point?” Webinars always seemed like a whole load of effort for nothing in return. Boy was I wrong! Steven Essa has made millions from setting up webinars and his real claim to fame is making $30,000 in just 30 days, who could do with that as a pay rise?

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