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Ranking High on Google is Easier If Your Videos Have a Lot of Views on YouTube

SEO is saturated with websites which have thousands of backlinks that are impossible to break. Ranking on the top spots on Google can now only be made using video marketing. And if you want your videos (and the links inside the YouTube description box) to be seen you will need a lot of views. Here is why…

Can You Avoid the YouTube Slap?

One minute you have a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos and thousands of comments, ratings & followers and then one day you look up and it’s gone without much explanation as to why. Why does it happen and more importantly, can it be avoided? Read to find out.

Beat the Google Sandbox – How to Use YouTube to Get Your URL Indirectly Indexed in Two Hours Or Less

It takes many hours of toil for an author to write content for an informational website. When enough content is written, he’ll publish it and submit his URL and Sitemap to Google for indexing. It is at this point that the dreaded “Sandbox Effect” occurs.

Search Engine Optimization – Services Which Can Create Effective Corporate Videos

It has been observed that written text and photos often fail to properly convey the message of your online service/product to its targeted customers. You actually need to show more and be more explicit in your message.

A Great Way to Shoot Super Efficient Marketing Videos

If you want to do Video Marketing, you should put out a lot of valuable content. A great way of putting out content is to shoot a video on it. And the best way to do that is to make step-by-step videos!

Online Video Marketing For MLM Lead Generation

Video is a powerful way to connect and communicate with other people on the internet. Videos are essential for your personal branding. When people see your face, listen to you they will get an idea about who you are. When people see something it registers with their brain better than they hear it. This is a great way to build a loyal following.

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