Understand the YouTube Algorithm in 25 Seconds

Guide to Video Marketing – Where Do I Start?

An important part of any Internet Marketing business is Video Marketing. Done correctly, it can turn a dull website into an exciting experience for you visitors. Discover the advice that can help you discover the wonderful world of Video Marketing and allow you to transform you website into a multi-media showcase.

8 Tips For Successful Sales Videos

I follow nearly all of the major gurus in Internet Marketing and have done so for many years. Since a lot of them are replacing long sales letter with videos, I’ve been studying their techniques and strategies.

Create Your Own Videos – Equipment You Need to Get Started With Webinar Style Videos

So you’ve decided to make videos, have you? Whether you are going to try to make training videos or marketing videos you’ve selected a media that is as close to live as you can get. You’ve selected a media that is flexible and powerful. But what equipment do you need to get started? In this article, I’m going to show you what equipment you need to create powerful webinar style videos.

What Makes Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns?

Viral marketing campaigns rely on ‘hosts’ to carry messages and pass these along. With all the buzz about how one can earn a windfall through viral marketing strategies, there is no hundred-percent assurance that you can really make it. If a successful viral marketing campaign is in your agenda, keep the following things in check.

Leveraging Time Using Web Video to Multitask Audio Products and Ebooks

Many internet marketers are becoming aware that web video has 3 apparent uses. There is the video aspect of it, the audio that comes from it, and if done properly, a way to transcribe the audio into articles. These articles can be collected and used for ebook product creation.

Viral Marketing – Marketing Messages to People Through a Virus Spreading Technique!

Viral marketing in a simple term means a marketing environment which facilitates and encourages to pass along a message through a chain of network. In marketing language it’s passing of marketing message.

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