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Can an Article Converter Increase Your Business?

An Article Converter which features a text to voice converter will automatically convert your articles to talking animated videos which can then be posted on numerous hosting sites at the click of a button. Using an Article Converter eliminates the need for a video camera to get in on the video marketing boom and gets you extra back-links to boost your search engine ratings.

YouTube and Google’s Search Stories Video Creator – A How-To Guide

When Google bought YouTube back in 2006, people didn’t know what to expect. Now, however, it seems everyone is reaping the benefits of a combined service. YouTube’s new ‘Search Stories’ is one of those collaborations, bringing together the best of both worlds.

YouTube and Google’s Search Stories – A Guide For Small Businesses to Build Traffic

There are many benefits to small businesses when using YouTube’s Search Stories Video Creator to create a simple video using Google searches. This article will show you how to drive traffic from a YouTube Search Story.

Tackling the Top Five Excuses For Not Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer an option for network marketers. A marketing strategy or a website which does not include video is bound to be a total flop! If you are still looking for excuses NOT to start using video marketing, stick around as I tackle the top five excuses for not using video marketing.

How to Improve Your Product Video – Checklist You Can Use to Review Your Own Video Or Help a Client

Do you want to create a product video or you already have a product video? How do you know if your video will be effective? Here are some questions you can use as a checklist to evaluate your product videos, or help you improve your script before you create product videos.

Using YouTube and Other Video Sharing Websites to Get Traffic

Imagine a website that gets millions of visitors every day and is rapidly expanding beyond all imagination. Now, imagine this site with a video from your company on with a chance of reaching all these millions of people.

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