Website Optimization Using 8 Proven Psychological Triggers

Why Video Seeding Is Essential for Your Business

The rise of social media sites such as Facebook in recent years has helped shaped the way we communicate with each other. Now businesses are seeing the potential of social media sites as a way to promote their products. One way of doing this is by using something called video seeding.

Don’t Be Left Behind: Elements of Video Marketing to Help Your Business

Does your business need a marketing boost? Why don’t you try video marketing? Many businesses have used video marketing and are enjoying its benefits. Don’t be left behind.

How to Get Noticed on YouTube Part 2

In part 1 of how to get noticed on YouTube I covered some useful strategies. As you are only too aware, marketing can be difficult if you are trying to promote a product or service. For that reason alone it is imperative you take advantage of the opportunities offered to you by the world’s most widely used video site.

How To Create Videos Which Have Real Impact On Your Target Audience And Promotes Your Core Messages

Good video content publishers spend time thinking about what to put into their scripts. They understand the need to set out goals before they start recording – without goals and focus, your videos will sink under the weight of unnecessary information. Too many video publishers fall into the trap of creating videos which overwhelm the viewer and which try to deliver too much in one go. This article offers a quick look at how to create a focused, powerful video that delivers a strong impact and clear message to your audience.

How Video Will Improve Your Conversions

Gone are the days when one would need to build full blown review sites. Now it is much easier to utilize the power of online video. Create a review video and upload your content to YouTube.

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Video

It is not difficult to get your video content onto YouTube or any video hosting site for that matter. However, you may get the video up there, but is your video content engaging enough for your audience? Are you connecting with them? Do they visit your website as a result of watching your video? If not then you may have to alter something in the video itself.

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