What Google’s Quick Read Test Tells Us About the Future of SEO

A YouTube Blueprint For Success – Lawyer Video Marketing

YouTube is the holy grail of video sharing sites. It is the largest, biggest, baddest and most important video sharing site on the planet. It’s also owned by Google; the largest, biggest, baddest and most important search engine on the planet. YouTube now operates as its’ own search engine.

YouTube Marketing Tips – The Hottest Video Marketing Strategy on the Planet

As an Internet marketer, or a business owner who is marketing online, one unlikely you know that YouTube is among one of the top websites for marketing and e-business today using very short videos. The videos which that site receive the highest amount of views are videos that are no longer three minutes. More than likely you’ve heard of the videos on that site which have received millions of views and have gone massively viral around the whole world.

Videos and Webinars Are Dangerous to Your Customer’s Health

Internet Marketers are doing a disservice to their customers by providing video alone. Without the benefit of other media for replay, the customer is tied to the computer at all times. There is no individual control on the part of the customer. In order to learn from you, they have to give up their freedom and ‘do it your way.”

Video Marketing – Show Them What You Mean

Today we have high-speed connection. What that means is that more people have access to video. People are even able to view streaming video through their portable devices now. The result is that the media is in demand. Today, despite lowering illiteracy rates, there is more call for marketing with fewer words.

Video Marketing – So Hot Right Now

Video Marketing is possibly the most effective marketing strategy that you could use right now. Think about it: your customers can see and hear what your product or service is about.

10 Reasons Lawyers Should Not Create Online Videos to Market Themselves

There are still lawyers out there who believe that they should not advertise in order to get new clients. They believe in the maximum “If you build it they will come.” The reality is that most traditional forms of attorney advertising are becoming less and less relevant for consumers looking to hire attorneys. More and more, consumers are going online to look for useful information to make an educated decision about how to hire an attorney to help solve their particular legal problem.

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