What The Average AUDIENCE RETENTION Is On YouTube

While Producing Your Video, Did You Think it Through?

Video is the window to a company’s soul. It isn’t enough to plan and write the content alone. You must focus attention on how the content will be presented in the video and who will be watching it, in order for your video to be successful.

Should Authors Use YouTube For Book Marketing?

There are more than 125 million videos on YouTube, for instance, and when these videos go viral they register millions of views per video. And while many authors know how to use YouTube to share videos with family and friends, very few understand how to harness the power of YouTube to earn money, market themselves, connect with customers, grow their business and sell more books.

Shopping Smartly For Your Business’ Video Expert

You and your business are ready to plunge into the deep waters of online video marketing. Where do you start? Who is best to help you? Shopping for the right video expert can be intimidating. There is a vast difference between what they charge and what they offer in return.

How to Be a YouTube Sensation

As easy as it is today to become a YouTube sensation, it actually takes a while for your fame to be continual. You see many people today submit videos on video sharing sites such as YouTube or on video and etc, And once every hour some one’s video is being shared and going viral, while others just float in cyber space.

How to Make Money Online – Discover Advantages of Video Marketing

Online video marketing is an effective medium for product promotion and demonstrates another way of making money online. There are many positives in video marketing:

Finding Good Internet Marketing Videos

Everybody wants to learn about how to achieve better marketing online, and one great way to do that is with internet marketing videos, but let’s be honest… For every good internet marketing course out there, there are dozens of people who really have no idea what they’re talking about, and who just want to make a quick buck on desperate web entrepreneurs. So when you’re browsing the previews and looking to see which one you should check out, what do you look for?

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